Organic farm

The organic farm

Located at a height of 650mt. above sea level, dominating the valleys that made Italy famous worldwide, Sommavilla is an organic farm in the midst of the wonderful hills of Umbria and Tuscany, surrounded by oak tree, chestnuts and pine forests that embrace the view over the Mounts of Assisi, the Appennini and the Trasimeno Lake.

The farmhouse enterprise, certified organic by the EEC in 1993, was started in 1974 by Alfredo and Christine and covers today an area of 100ha of land. The property encompasses two small artificial lakes that provide fresh water supply all year round, especially during the summer season. A great variety of vegetables, fruits, cereals, olive oil, medicinal plants and flowers are grown in the property.  All the products from the farm are sold in the shop and cooked in the farm’s restaurant.  60Ha of oak. Firewood, with delivery service, for stoves and fireplaces.